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Our Services

Window Cleaning

All window glass types: Laminated, Safety, Tempered, Comfort Plus & other smart glass, Double Glazed.

Frame Cleaning

We'll also clean your frames and sills and remove spider webs from around your windows.

Internal & External Glass Doors

Just let us know if you'd like your internal glazed doors cleaned too.

Glass Balustrades

Have your glass balustrades cleaned and get that beautiful view from your deck back again.

Water Fed Pole

Our environmentally friendly pure water fed pole allows easy access from the ground to many window types at heights up to four stories.


Bring that perfect reflection, lustre and shine back to your bathroom mirrors, ornamental mirrors and mirrored wardrobe doors.


A lot of dust and dirt collects between your windows and flyscreens. We can clean them in place or if possible remove them first.

Glass Atriums

Horizontal mounted glass collects more dust and dirt than window glass. Our water fed pole allows quick and easier access to glass atriums.