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26 February 2016 Published in Window Cleaning Written by 

Safety & Window Cleaning in Hobart

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Many times new clients have warned me "there's a few very high windows on one side of the house!" In the last few years new height safety laws have been introduced in Tasmania due to many height related accidents. What's the answer then to cleaning these hard to access windows safely?

When we think window cleaning it's rare to find a house with all the windows at an easily accessable height. Usually there's at least a few located well out of reach. In Hobart with Mount Wellington, its foothills and undulating surounding suburbs it may mean there's a steep drop off on one side of the house with windows high above.

What's the answer?

In many cases the answer is a water fed pole system. Simply put, a water fed pole is a lightweight carbon fibre extension pole with a specially designed brush head attached to the top. A hose feeds water through two or more jets in the brush head. This is no ordinary water from the garden tap though. Water runs through a purifier so that by the time it arrives on the glass it's completely pure of all disolved solids.

Pure water

Pure water accomplishes two things:
  1. Pure water is like a magnet, it attracts dust and dirt from the glass.
  2. As it's pure, it dries crystal clear.

What's the process?

  1. The glass is washed and brushed, dislodging dust and grime from the window
  2. The glass is rinsed off from top to bottom with the pure water, drying crstal clear.

I use a Gardiner Super Light SL-X 35 water fed pole which reaches to four stories, in fact I've been able to clean windows that were impossible to reach with a ladder or even a cherry picker in the past all from the safety of ground level.

If you'd like your hard to access windows cleaned safely, give us a call on 0438 531 450 or book a free quote or job online with Island Window Cleaning.

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