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24 July 2015 Published in Job Scheduling Written by  Nat

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

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We have some of the best views in and around Hobart with Mount Wellington, the Derwent River and ocean views as well as the Autumn colours as the leaves fall. Having clean windows draws those beautiful views into our living areas and adds light and warmth to the home. It's only natural that we want to keep the benefits of clean windows for as long as possible.

Many times we intend on keeping up with those jobs around the home but our busy lives get in the way and before we know it the lawns have grown, the carpets need a clean and the windows are grubby again. Having a regular or scheduled window clean is a great way of not having to worry about organisning at least one of those jobs.

Island Window Cleaning offers regular or scheduled cleans or just a friendly reminder by text message after a period of time set by you.

So how long should you wait until the next window clean? The answer depends on your preference, the location of your house and your budget.

Houses located near trees, loose gravel and dirt or salt water can mean dirt, dust and spray can blow on to your glass. I have some clients located on the water in Tranmere, Sandy Bay, Battery Point, Blackmans Bay and Kettering who request a more regular window clean than other areas.

I can also offer a reduced price if you schedule a regular clean as the windows will be easier to clean and therefor take less time and effort to bring up that clear shine.

I have clients who request monthly cleans, three monthly, four monthly, six monthly and 12 monthly cleans.

Many clients simply ask for a reminder after similar periods of time. When three months or so rolls by I'll send a text or email or phone you, whatever is your preference, to see if you'd like to book in again. There's no pressure to make a booking at all.

If you'd like to arrange this with me, simply mention it the next time you see me or use the Contact page to let me know.

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